Get it how you live it

I’m all for teaching kids lessons and the value of working hard. Yes, (some) people value things more when they’ve worked for it. HOWEVER, I’ll change the lesson, but if I can help it, my kid not getting it out the mud…

Here’s the line of separation; I didn’t learn all of my lessons not to be able to hand him keys, the LLC, deeds to property, investments. So many people are angry, jealous of, and look down on people who don’t have to work hard, and the crazy thing is, these people are working hard to get to a life that they no longer have to work hard for.

We’ve become such experts at getting the bag, but has no one yet figured how to KEEP it?? You’ll “blow a bag and get it right back”… So we just gone hustle twice for the same bag??? Why not get the bag, then double THAT same bag, not go get a new one.

Why do we insist on having people re-live the same lessons. Making people jump through hoops, because someone made you. Revenge, the feeling that you’re teaching some lesson of hard work when you’re just annoying people and making them resent you. You’ll want your younger selves to go further in life than you, but not until after they have walked in your same footsteps. Maybe they’ll get there faster since you’ve done it, but you can also place them where you left off instead of putting them through the same hell you’ve already endured.

We should be hustling to learn more, go further with a base, everyone not trying to start from scratch and not everyone has to. AND THATS FINE. You being mad at people with a silver spoon, or coming from situations you weren’t fortunate enough to is a YOU problem.

We can argue about it.


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  1. WELL SAID !!!

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