Why do you need to know?

I picked a fight on LinkedIn recently, I know keep that for the Facebook/IG comment section.

Here’s the short of it, a person felt comfortable sharing his hiring experience with a candidate who was going through tough times and he needed to share that his compassion for the man’s downfall leads him to give this guy a shot… 2 things, I personally hate stories like this, not actually the story, it can be very inspiring, but I hate that people feel the need to share such experiences. 2nd thing, why do we feel the need to always know people’s detailed stories?

“Sorry, I didn’t know.” YOU WEREN’T SUPPOSED TO! IT’S NOT YOUR BUSINESS. I’ll say it since they may not be comfortable doing so.

We have a weird way of wanting to connect with people and seem to trauma bond thinking other people’s misery wants our company. We’ve convinced ourselves we need to know the details, because we can’t possibly express empathy without it (trauma bonding at its finest) …Here’s what annoyed me about LinkedIn guy, he had already ruled this person out, gave details of the man’s situation then after telling the man off about his situation, leaving the man embarrassed and forced to share his lowest point in life then he felt so bad he gave the man a shot at the job. (Was this man even really qualified or did you feel bad)

At some point we have to decide, we are either going to be a good person, or we aren’t. No judgment if you take the asshole path. IF you decide to be the ass, be that by yourself. Don’t share other people’s stories with your crap. Put good out, make good decisions, be a nice human without telling people.


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