Hire a team

The pandemic has opened a lot of people up to finding hobbies/interests & new business ideas. However, being an entrepreneur comes with a balance, especially in the beginning of your business a lot of coaches & mentors didn’t mention.

Just because you have an excellent product/service does NOT mean you know how to run a business! Actually running a business is to operate, direct, oversee, to manage the product/service. Just making your product, no matter how good it may be, is not the same as running a business. A product/service cannot sell itself – especially if the goal is long-term success.

Some of you are bomb cooks, detailers, designers, landscapers, mechanics, hair stylists you name it, but you SUCK at marketing, communication, design, pricing and customer service. A lot of these new entrepreneurs have shown there is a difference between operating out of surviving/hustling to make sure you eat vs someone passionate about their product/service who wants the true entrepreneur lifestyle. We can see it in how unwilling you are to learn.

Some people are great at executing business plans, customer service, management, training, and designs and have more of an analytical mind, who will decide to hop your behind in a business and your product is subpar.

Big businesses are successful because they HIRE talent! Business owners have a vision and will hire people to do the things they know they are weak at or have no interest in doing. A lot of these businesses will be 10x more successful if individual contributors would come together and leverage what they are actually good at instead of trying to do it all themselves, but we know it makes for a better success story to say you did it all on your own.


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