What you put out

Today I helped out a friend, who in turn asked how much they owed me… Nothing of course. Not because it wasn’t valuable but because she has put me on plenty of times… its the reciprocity for me. It made me realize though how blessed I am to be able to do things for others and genuinely not need or want anything in return and have people who do the same for me… I recognize though some people have really shitty “support” systems.

Sometimes people are there to help you along the path, (yes, sometimes them firing or denying you actually pushes you in the right direction) that’s their whole purpose, now the emotional attachment of calling people your support system is completely on you.

Accept you attract who you are, who you really are, not just who you want to be. Some of you can’t let go of the notion of having someone help you because YOU won’t, or don’t want to genuinely help people, you don’t want people to get the opportunity you may not have succeeded with and do better than you. Some of you hold on to opportunities that you have, that aren’t for you, its meant for you to pass to someone else, just like you want people to put you on when they have an opportunity.

Now we can get into what support looks like and all that later. If everyone around you expects something from you, ask yourself what vibe you give off and more importantly if you don’t want to be the primary giver, why are you around those people?


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