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can't take you nowhere! - Homer Facepalm | Meme Generator

I get it, especially during these times IF you can get out you want to be you, want to have fun, be lit and do it for the Gram. However, you cannot twerk every damn where. You cannot be loud, scream “AYEEEE”, smell like weed, honestly the list goes on, but you can’t be the same in every occasion.

Some of your cousins went to Dallas, decided to go out FOR A MEAL at True Kitchen + Kocktails, then climb they asses in some chairs to twerk. Now these ladies didn’t go to a nightclub (I know, they are still closed), a party, bar none of that. They knew full well this was a restaurant…

Twerking wasn’t the issue, when you decide to climb in a chair becoming a liability, THAT is the issue. You cannot tell me any of these ladies have ever been encouraged to get in their mothers or grandmothers kitchen chairs and shake dat monkey.

Now thankfully the video came from security footage within the restaurant, which thankfully they had. Now what has become a blessing and a curse is everyone wanting to do something post worthy. Y’all turn up JUST to have something to share… most of your people are being caught simply because they wanted to be internet famous and recorded it to share.

Call it what you will, but some of this is getting embarrassing.


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