Can’t turn a hoe into a housewife

Its hoe week!  Lets get to it- gentlemen, stop wifing up these bottom feeders.

1) side chicks don’t get to become main chicks- there is no hoe promotion. Now can you put a ring on a hoe, move her in your house, and change her name? Absolutely, but can you mold her into the “housewife” expectation and traditional role? Nope!

The hoe mentality never leaves.  Not only is she looking for the same gratification of sex that you are, but she is also out for material possessions. Sure a whore is going to fuck a lot, but have you ever taken a closer look at the guys shes fucking? They are usually the men who offer something in return other than just plain old sex. These women are constantly looking for economically beneficial scores or social benefits, then they move right along to the next one. Their not fucking any broke dudes. Lose your job if you want…

She’ll always have one foot out the door. Hoes are always expecting someone to “do them wrong”, they have limited emotions and the first sign of anything rocky- they’re out. Hoes are accustomed to, and expect instant gratification, all the while you’re trying to save her from a life she chose or fill some emotional hole she has – that’s where you mess up. Stop trying to play Mr. Fix it with someone else’s life! Just proves you haven’t gotten your own under control.

If any of the game you’re familiar with sounds familiar to you. She’s playing you- females that know the game, know it because they’ve been in it and at some point she’s learned to use it.

There is a reason no one wants her, but you! The partner you choose is always a direct reflection of you, men don’t want to wife up someone that’s been around the block in every city because it makes them look bad, weak, and stupid for choosing a woman who had what is viewed as no morals.

Then there is the double standard, a man who sleeps around “just doing him” young, wild & free, a playa from the Himalayas but the second a female does the same- she’s exiled to the hoe tag for life.

But the real million dollar question, is WHAT made you want to wife this hoe? Was it her charming personality? Ability to make you laugh? Helped you achieve your goals? Maybe she gave you a baby… (even roaches can have babies) SOMETHING made you like this girl…





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  1. It is very hard for God to get rid of the garbage that he created today.

    • God didn’t create any gabarage. We did bring this gabarage. People wanna live their lives. Wanna be hoes. If only they could their lives to Christ things will be much better. God can cure whorism. Just trust him.

      • Even in the bible, God himself cannot cure whoredom. All that is left for these whores is to eternal damnation.

  2. TheRealHonestTruth March 22, 2016 — 11:39 AM

    Well that is certainly impossible with so many Low Life Loser women out there nowadays.

  3. This is ridiculous. Lies, lies, lies. Many girls are labeled as hoes but many of them are not. Poor girls and harassment. I don’t think any girl should be treated this way.

  4. This Is Why Many Of Us Good Men Are Still Single Today July 19, 2017 — 6:10 AM

    Another excellent reason why many of us good men are still single today.

  5. Nicole Doborwicz August 24, 2020 — 11:41 PM

    Someone help me to get away from Trevor J. #HOELIFE

  6. Whores will always be Whores until the end of time since that is only what their good for unfortunately. Good luck tying to make one becoming a housewife. Bunch of losers to begin with. Been there.

  7. If you are overweight or a whore, you are supposed to be ashamed because it indicates some serious character flaws and lack of discipline.

  8. Sad but true, once that training is done ! Unforntunatly this happens early in life. Like all good habits, most of these woman are taught no morals or values and often take some awful practices into adult life. Once these practices are set in place , often the only product that comes from this is a trashy ,mouthy, hoe who eventually no body wants, hoes are terrible mothers! The only daily lessons , learning they can share are the garbage they were taught ! Thus repeating the cycle of trashy living n teaching, here we hoe again😂 sad for all the honest men who’ve got sucked into to this trashy world !

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