The ‘kept’ one

Now that it’s cold and the cuffing is in full swing I’m noticing some of you birds have the nerve to be demanding! Some of you barely made the team, chick chill.

Now if you kept your hair, nails done before you found this guy- one must ask: What the hell were you doing before him? Now as much as one can love being taken care of, you can not swear to be a grown anything if you are depending on someone else for your upkeep or well being. At this point, you’re now a dependent. Can you say tax deduction?

Guys, you get no room to go around boasting and bragging that you ‘know how to grind’ and provide when you always need to get help, to hold you over. Now yes, some people are just bad with money, then if you’re that bad, doesn’t that mean you don’t possess the adequate skill to provide?

Some of you women are out here working full time, but still want a man to take care of the bills, buy groceries, fill your gas tank and maintain your outside appearance (hair nails, clothes ect) So with all that are you just working to say you can? Even worse is some birds have the nerve to get an attitude when its not to their liking- the nerve! I believe if you don’t work you don’t eat, so if I don’t want to give you my money… guess you better pull out the want ads. When its someone else’s money you give up all rights to be choosy how much, when its given, or having a say on what its spent on.

If you don’t work you really need to sit still and shut up because someone else is funding you, ever hear the phrase “my house, my rules” the only reason parents use it is because a kid needs to depend on their well being derived from financial stability. Unless you are a person’s child there is no obligation to certain things, hell I’ve never seen a kid get everything they asked for. Even a spouse only gets so much, as a spouse, you take care of the needs, getting you new clothes, massages, and new weave ain’t gone maintain you. Can you eat weave? Will DTE accept massage appointment to keep the electricity on?

Please believe if some other grown person is willing to take their hard earned money and spend it on you, you are working for it in some way, because I know some of you can’t cook, don’t clean, make horrible parents but may can suck the wrinkles out of a 0_o , crack a back and blow a girl’s hair back,(haha, hopefully you got that) good at fixing stuff around the house or are just filling a position your partner needs to finish a certain look they need to accomplish.

Don’t ever let what someone else brings to the table be all you have to eat.


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