female feedback; case of the ex

He asks: Why can’t I be friends with my ex?

HA! That skanky, no good, bottom feeder with the tacky hair, make up and clothes?? Ok this may not be an accurate depiction but I can guarantee that’s very similar to how the new woman will think about her. Especially is she is single, or still being a “hoe” (cause we’re calling her that too) you have all you need in your new girl. Well you’re suppose to anyways.  When its over- its over (for a reason). The notion of you still being friends makes it apparent she brings something to the table that’s otherwise being missed.


He asks: Why is she still hanging with her ex?

Cause there is still something there she doesn’t want to let go of.  That “like a brother/ bff” is there and knows every single thing.  Guess who she runs to when you mess up? He is basically a backup boyfriend.



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  1. 3rdLegKickstand July 21, 2014 — 3:55 PM

    If I have to drop my ex, you bEtter drop yips without me mentioning it. It’s that simple. If not you can get back with him.

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