female feedback; just get a job…

I got asked this one more than once in different ways, so I’ll address them all here.

He asks: why girls want a guy with money/ if a female is making 6 figures does your man have to do the same?/why do females want to stay home and let men take care of them?

Listen… okay I’m going to try not to make you out to be cheap/broke and females looking like gold-diggers (although some are).

Its more than actual money. Sometimes its knowing a man can & will WORK. What you make is usually a reflection of how hard you work, your ambition & determination to succeed.

Another thing is what you’re actually doing with the money. Having it doesn’t mean jack if its not somehow benefiting her (hold on, slipping into a gold digger) paying bills, buying groceries, paying tuition or splurging on something nice (from time to time) are all signs you can/will share what you have. Its the actual thought behind what you buy, not just you throwing money to keep her quiet.

Providing, men are suppose to be the head of the household, which means providing whats necessary for it to run. At no point can you pay a single bill with your “love” keep that shit!  At least be able to cover the stuff you’re responsible for, other than that you’re just another dependent.

Now, does a man need to make as much money? That’s up to her, usually as long as you’re contributing  something its okay, however keep in mind the one with the gold makes the rules, so you may want to be prepared for a power struggle. You can’t go raising your voice, making rules & demands then gotta go ask your girl for gas money-not a good look. You want this woman, to be at home cooking, cleaning, have & raise your kids and whatever else and you do what… you thought you weren’t going to “pay” in some form? You can’t be that stupid.

Money is a PART of what women are looking for. Some are okay sacrificing the money if you have other qualities, some struggle enough on their own to add yours to the struggle too, other just want to be taken care of all depends on what you decide you want to be with.




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