ask no questions, hear no lies

I have NO idea what it is about my face or personality that draws people to the conclusion they can/should say whatever they want to me. Dear sir(s)/madam(s) you TRIED the RIGHT one. Nope, I’m not being mean, rude, sassy, when I respond to the tone you present.Yes, I am an asshole but you EARNED it. Do not think everyone will let you cross the line with no consequence. That adult version of bullying is not tolerated by everyone. I have zero problems sitting you in the corner with a child’s seat when you reach for topics that are none of your business.


When you ask personal questions and end up with hurt feelings from the response remember YOU made the decision to open your mouth about someone else’s life that you aren’t responsible for. Some topics are personal for a reason. Stop living vicariously through me, or trying to be nosy to feel better about your miserable life and work on you.

I got this over here!








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  1. Yaaaaaaasss!!!!

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