Coldest winter ever….Understatement.

The Phoenix Project

Winter time has and forever will be a hard time for me. Between the below zero cant feel yo face temps, yall sick cousins that don’t know how to just stay they sick ass in the house, “cuffin season games”, the sudden wear and tear on my whip and just simply craving the influences of the sun; with the most appropriate least amount of clothes I can get with. Detroit winters forever will not be my favorite, yet I still haven’t moved to somebodies Island. One thing I have challenged myself to do more of through this wintery wondertrash season has been to love winter just as much as I adore warmer days. Get out more, even in the cold. Still hit the gym and yoga,  still find and attend all these dope events like I love to do so much, still connect with friends and family, still be a member of society and still move forward with my dreams and…

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