Letting the past stay in the present & ruin your future

This is for every person who is still holding on to their ex. At some point if you haven’t already, you’ll meet someone who we believe to be ‘thee one” and this is usually the person we have the most problems with letting go of. The memories of them haunt you forever. Understand why not letting go of them is not healthy. Its always wise once its over (especially if it ends badly) to remove any contact info of this person, even if you have mutual friends you may want to put some distance between you.

The problem really comes in when you attempt a new relationship, having thoughts of the other person will undoubtedly cause you to never give your all to the new person, cheating yourself and them.  The number 1 rule I see a lot of people breaking is bringing their ex up in a current relationship.  Now initially it may be okay to get an understanding of why your last relationship didn’t work but comparing, and reminding your current about your ex is a huge don’t.  No person wants to ever feel like they have to compete or be made to believe they can never come close to something your ex did. After all you need to be reminded if they were that perfect you two wouldn’t have ended.

Dont drop everybody, for a somebody and end up with nobody.


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