get noticed

So this post started as a way to get a guy to notice you without you seeming ‘thirsty’ or over eager, but as I began to write I realized there are simple things in general this topic can apply to.

Have a clear target you need to get to and first you need to make sure your existence is known. If its with the opposite sex, something as simple as a ‘hi’ or smile to start is great, the same can be used in the workplace you need your boss to know who you are or at least have an impression to they will want to get to know you.

Your appearance as we all know is your first impression, before you even open your mouth how you look plays a part in how much attention your target will give you. If you know you’re going to potentially run into this person, put your best foot forward. Now don’t break out the two piece suit (it makes you look like you’re trying too hard) but look well put together.

Once you’ve broken the barrier for the person to actually see you, then find a reason to hold a conversation.  Now, don’t go with the ‘so, about this weather’ you’ll look crazy, you need to actually have something to talk about. I guarantee if you prove you can hold an actual conversation you’ll stand out.

Now the main staple you need is something I can tell you, but I am unable to help you achieve: confidence! Nothing makes a person more attractive than confidence. It shows you’re assure of who you are, what you’re doing and your head is clear. Know who you are, your abilities and know without a doubt your purpose & intention.  Confidence is by far the sexiest thing a person can have.


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