Breaking News! Doormat Alert!

The answer to that question is simple, some men want a doormat because they are insecure and need someone that they can control, thus being able to maintain the power in a relationship without a drop of sweat. Let me explain, the definition of a doormat in this context is a woman that has no self worth, lacks self esteem, and allows a man to essentially control her as a result.  The species of male that wants this type of species of woman is of the insecure variety; simple science right?

So my inspiration for this post stems from my encounter with insecure men. Clearly since I am not a woman who lacks anything especially self worth and self esteem, I have sent these men running for the hills! In one particular case this statement would be literal, this dude actually ran for the Hills! From my interaction with this species, of which is ever growing and looks to not be in threat of extinction, I have noticed that they all have one thing in common. The common thread that bonds this species together is that they are all arrogant. They portray a level of self confidence that would make even the most confident seem like they are lacking. But ladies, let me warn you, this high level of confidence is only a front! This allows them the ability to cover up the fact that they are actually among the most insecure of the insecure. I mean I seriously want to commend these men on the acting job. The Academy Award goes to!…Yea they all win Oscars, Emmy’s, BET awards, MTV Movie awards, film festival awards I mean they win all that! But all that front and cover up does nothing for a woman that can sniff all that out, hence why they run from us and go grab them a doormat; someone to walk all over. I always say that men will do what they want to do and they will work for what they want. It is sad because in this day, it is becoming more evident that men, especially those with any type of thing big or small going for themselves lack the ability to work for a woman. Chivalry is damn near dead people! But ladies, why would a man work for us when some of us women make it so easy for them? Ladies, there are DOORMATS walking amongst us! These doormats are walking targets to men who have no interest in working to obtain a real woman which face the threat of extinction. Ladies real women are just as much of a dying breed as a real man. Why would you work for money when you can get that fast easy money. The Doormat species mixed with the deadening of the traditional idea of a long lasting not just long term relationship has created an epidemic and eventually without divine intervention this dating game is going to become a big ass free for all!

To the Doormats out there please go get it, that’s right girl get that life!! Stop making it so easy for these men out here! You are only enabling the species of insecure “mitches” to thrive and you are killing of the real men. You walk around with no substance and in some instances actually manage to get the ring on it! I mean you heauxs actually are a tricky breed. You make it easy for a man then somehow you manage to get the ring and pop out a couple babies. Come on people ya’ll know I’m speaking every bit of the truth you can find examples of this on many of the major reality shows out now. Just watch shows like Basketball Wives and you will see Doormats in full makeup and dress deceiving one dumb ass athlete at a time. They have the same trick get that ring pop them babies and get that money! Chick you wasn’t with him shooting in the GYM! But a MITCH( thank you so much Kevin Hart for this term, it is much needed) a Mitch will go right for the easy target and get caught up! They do not have the true confidence and the ability to handle a real woman so they get a Doormat that they think they can control. The Doormat puts up with all their crap, never calls him out, she just stays in the background, and he is like this is easy but then fellas she STRIKES!! Doormats are not always dumb. Some women just sell their souls and become Doormats for their own selfish gain. Some women really lack self worth which means they need to talk that out in group so that they can try to morph into being a real woman somehow.

To the fellas that I would consider a mitch or a Doormat catcher, please go get that life as well. Grow up and become a real man. Please it is not too late to save yourselves! Understand that being with a real woman only helps you as a man. You should be with someone that complements you and holds you down. You should be with someone where when shit hits the fan shes riding with you, not running and you should do the same and not run…for the HILLS. Stop being ridiculous guys. Anything worth having is worth fighting for! A real WOMAN is worth fighting for. You shouldn’t run away from a real woman like a scared little boy all so you can just go have a free party and have the ability to control a Doormat. That saying is still applicable to life as we know it today. If more men would have the confidence to live by that, the concept of real men would resurrect from the depths of endangerment. RIP to all the REAL MEN WORLDWIDE.

I conclude by saying the slaying of the Doormat is only possible with the slaying of the Mitch. You men need to grow the fek up please. Stop thinking a woman is supposed to be easy and stop letting the one that should be get away because you didn’t put on your big boy draws! STEP UP AND BE A MAN! If you do not have a real man to learn from then seek guidance it will definitely help you in the long run. Ladies lets help these Doormats, lets teach them to exude that self confidence and to have some pride in themselves. Stop letting these guys look at women as disposable beings! WE ARE WORTH SO MUCH MORE!! Each and every one of us should require some work. Do not let a man control you because you make it so easy for him. He will control you and dispose of you for the next easy target if you let him. With that said good day to all of my lovely followers.



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  1. This is definitely true for both women and men. I’ve let go of guys due to this. Either I was too strong willed and not submissive enough or he was willing to do whatever I said. The latter may be ideal for some women, but as you stated for a real women this is not. I like for my man to interject and tell me when I have gone too far, or challenge my thoughts and ideas. Women can be submissive without being a doormat, there is a difference. I think the lack of knowing the difference is where women fall short. Some are too afraid to let the man be a man and wear the pants, while still being true to themselves. A real man can appreciate a woman that will not agree with everything he says, one that will challenge him without being disrespectful and belittling him (your man is not your child). But we have these mega powerful women who believe they can do anything a man can do, I mean they would have been born a man if they could do what a man could do. This statement goes beyond scholastic and being able to accomplish the same as a man in your career. Like you said, everything piggy backs off the man and woman’s self-esteem and confidence levels.

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