best foot forward, or false advertisement?

So we all know when you meet someone new you want  to put your best foot forward. You’re going to the gym, keeping your hair right, dressed to impress, willing to go and try new things, ect ect, this is your representative. The things you do, that you wouldn’t normally do on a day to day basis are actions of your rep. However,  there is a very thin line between you putting your representative to work and just false advertising. Understand this, appearing picture perfect from day one, puts you on a pedestal where if you fail to keep the perfection the only place you can go-is down!

Pretending to cook, liking sports, buying cars out of your price range when you live with your mother, buying bottles at the bar with no food in your own refrigerator these are a few examples of false advertisement. Always think of yourself as a brand, you are the good/services you want others to be a part of, within that brand you need to be present. I mean you can polish a turd (weave, lashes, implants) all day, but once you’re done removing product, its still a turd.

Don’t get me wrong, you want to present something attractive, all I’m saying is don’t lose yourself while doing it, and then get mad when people leave you once your looks fade, money runs out or they realize everything you presented was fake.  Now if keeping up this persona is important to a significant other to the point you can’t be who you really are, then there is a great chance you’re in the wrong business (relationship). You want your brand to be all of who you actually are, so take the looks and characteristics you do have, keep them groomed so you’re presenting the best image of yourself, that way its still you.



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  1. Aleksandra (Aleks) Slijepcevic February 5, 2014 — 11:14 AM

    Very true….Unless you do find someone who loves to cook, skydives, hiked Mount Everest and looks great naked…then you really got something 🙂

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