Age ain’t nothing but a number

So lets talk about this age thing for what it is, i strongly believe it is indeed just a number. At 18 you’re considered no longer a minor, but that by no means make you ‘grown’, your responsibilities, leadership & part in an active member of society makes you grown.

There are several rights of passage that are set up and acceptable by society for different milestones within life. Getting to drive, date, drink, vote…ect. 

Lets talk about being a sugar baby. For those that don’t know, a sugar baby is the term of a much younger person in a romantic relationship. Is it wrong to be a sugar baby, no, I don’t think so. The real issue people have with this situation is they see it as an act crying out from a failed parental relationship and they are looking for a parental figure. Can this be the case? of course, anything is possible, some people just missed a few hugs and an older figure will provide the nurturing side of life that was missed on. For many, its security, that’s just simple. For many though, age really is just a number and its really a compatible situation.

I also believe age does not buy you a pass for exception. Growing up you’ll often hear ‘respect your elders’. WTF am I respecting? The fact you got old? There is no special treatment in my book because you are old! Now I understand there were elders who l may have undergone certain events that made it possible for young people today to have the privileged they have now, however, it was never asked of you, you could have said no, and it was a decision you made, so why seek special recognition for something you stood up and agreed to do? Now the difference, back then elders were something worth respecting, now days- I’ll fight an old person just as quick as i’ll punch a kid. Sometimes old people use their age as a pass to do and say what they want, they’ll demand respect while disrespecting you. So do I feel bad for the old people getting beat up? Not all the time, in some cases they asked for it. 

Young people, you can not pass your stupidity off on being young, (most of) you know the difference between right and wrong, no one will have sympathy on you just because you haven’t reached a certain age. If you screw up, own it. There’s really no point in hiding behind your age, it just further shows the world you’re immature and clearly not in a ‘grown’ mindset yet.

Whats your thought, on any situation? Is age just a number?



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  1. Aaaaaah, the sugar babies…..this is definitely a problem, these are no longer high school students in romantic relationships, these kids are starting from 5th grade in romantic relationships. This is definitely a problem, and the bigger problem may not be them but those who don’t see this as a problem because you make this acceptable. Why is a romantic relationship the new hobby of the century??? Parents play a huge role in providing security, nurture, and affection. This a loud cry for all these things, how can they want a romantic relationship when they don’t know what romance and relationship mean? They don’t have the maturity to understand this so yes, age is more than just a number!
    How disrespectful and ungrateful to say you didn’t ask them to do what they did so you could have the privileges you have now. I’ve heard that phrase so many times within the past 3 months that is sickening to hear. The younger generation doesn’t have this respect factor for their elders which is why you can’t appreciate wholeheartedly what they did, the impact of it, and how walls were knocked down and doors were opened because of it. It is because of this mentality that Euro-Americans are fighting hard to reverse everything that was fought for. Right now in North Carolina African-Americans are fighting to keep their voting rights, remember it was only granted for 25 years. Now there are older people who feel like because they are old they are entitled to do whatever and say whatever they want, this doesn’t fly. However, the respect factor needs to be restored for elders despite those who are nasty. Maybe if African-Americans did respect their elders and what they did we wouldn’t be going backwards. Every one thinks they made it where they are because of themselves, this is true in some aspects but it was someone before you that opened this opportunity. This is why the African-American race is behind.
    Once again, age is more than just a number, for many it tells a story. Your age tells of the struggle you went through, the trials and tribulations you came out of, the victories you won, the joys and happiness you felt, the goals you met, the knowledge you gained, and the lesson you learned.

    • If love a sugar babies receives from their… I don’t even know what to call the other person, cougar is the only love they recieve is that so bad? Compared to not knowing any form of love, nurturing, or affection. Something is better than nothing and sometimes have positive outcomes.
      I don’t think the younger generation has respect for old people simply because they don’t know. How do you expect to admire something you don’t know. And often older people don’t even attempt to share anything with younger people other than demanding respect for what they went through. Well what exactly did you go through??? If you can’t show & prove to me you’re just blowing smoke the word respect has been tossed around so much it doesn’t even have traditional meaning. The second you disagree with someone or something you’re ‘disrespectful’ respect is to have A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements. You can’t tell me who it what to admire. Especially if I have no understanding or knowledge about it. Why admire something I don’t know exists? That’s the problem where old people come in, you just want me to admire you off rip when not all of these old people had an active role in history, Some got to skate by but still want their respect. Who determines what respect is or how it should be shown? And it’s true, no part of today’s generation went to an older person or knocked on their door and asked for anything, those people’s dr a choice for the things that affected THEM at that time, they had no idea what the long term results would yield, it just happened that way. Am I saying the younger generation shouldn’t be greatful or appreciative because those sacrifices allowed opportunities? No,
      Not at all, but instead of just demanding respect for what you did, try explaining and keeping those practices going. That will return respect. If you ask one of these angry olds a lot of time you hear they did what they did cause THEY wanted different treatment not to open doors for their youth (now SOME will but not many). I don’t get respect for doing my job everyday, but I do it… They indeed made their choice, so do I praise you for something you made a choice and volunteered to do, you definitely don’t see that treatment today, so there’s a reason you’ve been hearing it so much lately. Maybe that was written in their date or destiny, you don’t get praise for something you were suppose to do anyway.

  2. Apimpnamedslickback May 16, 2013 — 9:43 AM

    Time for the real uncut… (Apimpnamedslickback steps in the room). Now let’s define this word sugar baby: A young female or male who is financially pampered/cared for by a sugar daddy or sugar mama in exchange for companionship (i.e. sexual favors). So who is the one crying out for help here. Is it that cougar or old pimp daddy? Or in some cases there so old they’re more like Pumas and Father Time. Anyway it goes both ways, yes the young dumb person may be in it for financial gain, bragging rights, and to fill that parental void they never received. On the other hand it is border line Juvenile rape because the sugar mama or daddy is old as shyt. I believe there having identity problems as well because they need to sit they old ass down and quit trying to act like they young. Once you get to that age you should have already had your fun and be ready to settle down or at least be comfortable with one person. I believe they are going through a mid-life crisis or something. Me personally I wouldn’t “date” a woman that was 10 years older than me because simply there is much more she has experienced and will think that she is teaching me something new and may try to treat me as her child which definitely ain’t happening. Second, I’m not trying to date someone who has kids my age. How tha fck would it look me and your son going to school together or playing COD and we the same age but yet i could potentially be his father. Like, “yea man, that was a good game”; now im bout to go give yo moms the biz lol, I would be pissed. Now I didn’t say I wouldn’t let an older women spend bread on me or buy me stuff in return for the D. That’s where I draw the line. Now as far as respect for old people, I was raised to always respect my elders. I consider the fact that you lived to be that old deserves the slightest amount of respect, and granted you may have been a crackhead hooker for the first 30 yrs of your adult life but will i respect you if I see you in the street, probably yes, Why? Well because me, and all young ppl should, give everyone they meet some type of respect until that person gives you a reason not to. That’s just common\n courtesy. the problem today is that most of these kids are being taught wrong brought up in single parent homes (with the exception of a few) where they are raised wrong and not taught how to respect one another. hell, if they don’t respect their parents why the hell would they respect some old fart they don’t know. Again everything is all a mentality. If you don’t have the mindset to be respectful or were not taught it as a kid, you may not even know the difference of when you are being disrespectful and when your not. I think Aaliyah sang it best “age ain’t nothing but a number” it’s all about the mindset of the person. I have dated many females that were two four and six years older than me, but because I was raised to be a strong-minded, outspoken, in charge type of guy I woldn’t let no one dictate to me what i could and couldn’t do. I RUN THIS. with that being said Pimps up hoes down. Peace, love and Afro grease!

  3. Hmmmm…it’s a never ending cycle. The sugar babies get pampered by the sugar daddies and mommas to grow up and become sugar daddies and mommas themselves. It is a never ending quest to find that which was never given to them by their parents. I agree with apimpnamedslick, respect must be taught and just like him I respect everyone. You will always come across nasty people. You can’t change

  4. You can’t change who you are based on who you encounter.
    I’m not saying they literally fought but enduring and having hope was way more than most would nowadays. The story they have is just as powerful as those who did. Most young people don’t want to be in the presence of their elders long enough to know their story. I wasn’t in new York during 911 but I was living to experience it and that is being apart of it. The impact of those who lost loved ones or escaped the buildings will be different but everyone experienced it. Everyone living is a part of that history. My parents didn’t march but I can hear the hurt in their stories from having to drink from white only Faucets and go to the back of a restaurant to be served food. That is history, and it is also what many fail to see ad history because if a misconstrued vision of how history should be delivered and who should deliver it.

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