Gone, twerk summin shawty…

*cues music* “Dont drop that thun thun thun, ayeeee dont drop that”

Special Shout out to all the ladies that can twerk! It takes a special skill, lots of time & dedication to master that skill. Now, twerkers, quick question; how many of you can cook? balance a check book? in a real relationship? gotten a ring  from that skill?… I’ll wait…

As impressive as twerking is, how far does that really get you? You birds will spend hours learning to master this, but will burn minute rice! Cant balance a check book for your life, but can balance a drink on your a$$, while upside down shakin something, for dudes who you entertain all of 5-10 minutes, then they’re off to the next ass. Bet all that practice really paid off?!

Not only is it bad enough to see these females in highschool and grown shakin for a camera, but you are teaching babies, like 5 & 6 to do this like its cute. Ya baby cant read or count but they shaking right next to you, who is just as ignorant. Smh, our future is in danger.

Here is where you pea brains have really lost in the game. If you’re going to do something 2 things need to happen, you need to be the best at whatever (if you’re a h*e, be the BEST) and you need to get paid for it. If you have a talent, goods or service to offer never offer anything for free! Strippers and regular chicks have gotten into fights, not because of the skill, but you basic chicks are taking money away from their lives. You’ve taken something that was a treat & can be a great money maker and just throwing it out for FREE!

If for any second you think twerking is gone keep or even get a man, well you’re half right. You’ll get one for about as long as you have that skill and its hot. Oh, a man will make you “wifey” for the night but you’ll never become is wife, then again, most of the twerkers are okay with just wifey, you bottomfeeders.

Now y’all can keep spending your time learning a meaningless, demeaning skill if you want, but you’ll last as long as that dance does.



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  1. 3rdLegKickStand May 15, 2013 — 9:39 AM

    Lmao!!! Ne-yo said this perfectly. “I’ll be your boyfriend til the song goes off” lmao beside the only thing twerking shows its that a girl can viciously abuse and batter a penis. Sorry but I happen to like my 3rdLegKickStand. (see what I did there?) And I need it to handle my business. I can’t do that if its all beat up and purple. Just sayin. (Besides if you can’t cook I don’t want much to do with ya. I cook but I refuse to be the only that cooks. You just have to be a jack of all trades in my book.) Lmao really sex don’t look like that lmfao. But hey you’re talking to the same ppl that thought crank that soulja boy was hot. Lmao

  2. Lmbo! I see someone is going in! Stripping has turned into a glorified “profession”. This is the new it career! Why spend 1000s on school when you can make it in one night. NOT! Wife?!?! These heaux not trying to be a wife. Worry sticks because they get the benefits of being a wife without the wife duties. Others have the misconception that wifey is above wife. One is legal and the other a psychological restraint.

  3. Apimpnamedslickback May 15, 2013 — 11:47 AM

    Woa, Woa, Woa… I understand what you are explaining here and by all means you are perfectly correct. But please allow these bottom feeders to keep $ in my pocket by being able to watch them “shake that ass o the internet” instead of driving to a strip club and seeing the same thing. I just spent $15 in gas to get there. Lol. Let’s not forget the tip I have to include for the dance. Now, I will say that this is a very special talent and it does take hours to master it, but my philosophy is you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. These ignorant women know what they do isn’t right and have pretty much accepted the fact that there going to be broke living check to check most of their lives, because otherwise they would do something to change it. Therefore, if you want to offer me free entertainment, I’m not turning nothing down but my collar. And again, we all have to have dreams, let them dream that prince charming is going to rescue them someday, but until then; “#Don’tstoppopthatpopthat! What u twerking wit!!

    • Apimpnamedslickback May 15, 2013 — 11:53 AM

      Oh yea, Fast money aint always good money either. (Except if your a pimp) Make the money, don’t let it make you.

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