lost in religion

I don’t understand how/why me (and many others like me) not going to church offends other people and THEIR beliefs?! And the next person to “get offended” WHILE being offensive to me is surely to be smacked. Quoting scriptures, commandments & telling me I’m going to hell to, someone that doesn’t participate surely isn’t gonna make me wanna come running in your church. Some of you “Christians” may wanna re-check your handbook, stop being so judgmental considering a day ago some of you were on a first class flight to hell yourself. The choice I make to not go to church is that of my own, and when I get to the gates, I alone will have to explain/face my destiny, alone.

I have had people tell me they can no longer be my friend because they felt I didn’t believe, or didn’t agree with their choice of worship. DEUCES!!! What I don’t get is why it concerns you with whom someone else chooses to worship?  There were two things I at least thought was a general consensus throughout religion no matter which you identify with; forgiveness and acceptance. Boy was I wrong, well from the ‘warriors’ I’ve encountered anyway.I never asked for you or your religion & whatever it comes with! So before you tell someone how they are wrong, or not a ‘good’ member within a religion or going to hell, walk lightly! You people will not accept that some people choose not to go to church, its none of your business!

One thing all you hypocrites seem to agree on is there is only one almighty to be worshiped. So with that, regardless of the name you’re taught to identify or worship if its only one, why is it such a huge deal as to which name you choose to address the Him by? Those arguments don’t help people who may be lost because if you’re taught to put down someone else’s God just because of the name they choose & faith I’d want no part. Don’t get me wrong I know everyone sins but I didn’t realize so many people made excuses and exceptions as to why they do it. One of the major problems is ignorance. I’m all for holding your faith close, wanting to protect & defend it, but maybe just maybe you should consider some insight into someone else’s world, and you may find you have more in common than you think. There are plenty of people who simply give you their interpretation of the doctrine they are to follow, unless you were there when it happened you can only speculate and tell me what you believe based on what you read. There is also tons of other material used to try to support their argument, but lets be real, for all you know I wrote that! Again this is based off someone’s own personal interpretation. 


Then there are those who, when disagreeing with you, will stand by the fact you must have been brainwashed into believing what you do. Fact of the matter is religion is learned.  Its something usually taught as a kid, the issue with that is, when you’re a kid you typically get no say in the matter, so you just grow up with whats been forced upon you. Do  wish I had been at least exposed to other religions at a younger age? Yes, however I have at least had that opportunity in my life and open minded enough to hear things out. I still don’t identify with any of them, but I can empathize with them. Will I knowingly allow my comments to get under the skin of some of these “God warriors”? ABSOLUTELY, it usually makes my day! You will not force a religion or lifestyle on me. I walk out of churches and have told people trying to ‘lay hands’ on me, to back off, in the church. So meeting you in the streets! Bring it on! Call me what you like but my dad always said  “if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything” and he even knows not to push things on me, so imagine what I’ll do to the rest of you. 

To all those that find themselves deeply religious, or not religious at all, that’s your choice to be held sacred and personal to you! Stop telling people what/who they believe in is wrong, they’re going to hell, don’t refer me to your books as proof to convince me of anything and don’t ever feel the need to conform to someone else’s because you feel backed into a corner, tricked, bullied or into thinking you’re not a good person or going to hell. Its YOUR life and only you can decide how you want to live it, never be afraid to stand up for yourself, and be willing to piss people off along the way, even family, you can’t please everyone.



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  1. It is sad to hear you have been greeted by many many church folks. I believe I am a religious person. I would rather have who I am and what I believe in shine through me, however, I have no problem expressing my love for the Lord because I have seen what he has done for me and what He is capable of. I never proclaim to be perfect nor do I judge others because I am not the judge. The flesh is a very dangerous body and we have all fallen prey to it so who is one to judge the next. I apologize that you have encountered those kinds of church folks.

    Respecting other religions is very very important as well. I hope and pray that you come across more individuals striving to be more christ-like. I am only a sinner trying to save myself.

  2. Sadly, these type of church folks are more common than not. I think religion is a personal choice, its about what makes sense to the individual and gets them through life. You cannot force that kind of choice on anyone and you cannot judge others because of it, even if they are choosing Scientology. I’m feeling ya!

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