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So obviously men & women get jealous for different reasons, and for the most part it’ll be rare to see a man even get jealous, because jealousy is an emotion & men are taught not to show emotion.

Jealously is a direct link to insecurity.  There is something a female feels is threatening her existence or being taken away from her that will cause a jealous reaction. Some of you birds are too old for this shit! Y’all are “grown” with families and full time lives still pouting and throwing tantrums because you cant get your way, but someone is suppose to take you serious??? Yea okay…

The problem with being jealous all the time is your own insecurities begin to show. A bigger problem is these grown people who have their own kids, that have to remain in a shadow not to outshine the parent, because it will not be allowed for any attention to be taken from them. What a role model!  You talk  down about everything and everybody, and wanting to point out the negative. What you don’t realize is what goes around comes around, so there is a reason you’ve always gotta compete for attention and unhappy all the time. You can not convince me someone who is always jealous is actually genuinely happy.

I’m always surprised when I see couples with one self centered easily jealous person survive. My only thought is the other partner is weak, and just gives whatever the jealous person wants just to “make them happy”. Those people probably deserve one another, that way the balance of feeling needed is fulfilled.

There isn’t really much you can do for people like this, either put it in their face, which will probably be denied, or deal with it.Not you with the insecurities, seek counseling! No one is gonna wanna deal with your issues forever, not in a real relationship anyway. Life is about connections within relationships, if all you do is focus on you, the other person is sure to get fed up. If the most important person in your life is you, just get a mirror.



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  1. Apimpnamedslickback May 22, 2013 — 9:19 AM

    Like Jay-Z said, Jealousy is a females trait! If you ever look at the dumb reality shows that involve females whats the main reason they fight. Jealousy. You ever seen a reality show with men who fought? Go ahead I’ll wait… If you did it was scripted, I guarantee. Women are always insecure about many things and its not always they fault. Look back in time, media has always put this image out there of how women should dress, walk, talk, act, and so much more. So of course there is going to be some insecurities. Think about TLC, you can buy your hair if it don’t grow…. you know the rest. But when it comes to those insecurities you have brought upon your self from having low self-esteem. Don’t go blaming other people and making there lives miserable because of your issues.I think people that have those insecurity issues really are just crying out for attention or a hug. My solution is get a cat or a dog. If that don’t work, then yea maybe you should see a psychiatrist.

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