The “other” woman

Lets talk about the ‘other’ woman (or man, it happens). There are plenty of times in which we hear or experience cheating. In today’s society there are 2 kinds of  individual in this scenario. The All Knowing (Jump-off) and the victim.

Now either you did something, stopped doing something or your partner is greedy. Often times, from what I’ve learned a one person just wants it all. You may be doing everything to keep him happy and they just wants more.

Oh,  but then there are these new breeds of birds. These females that knowing and willingly accept being a number.  After having a conversation with a ‘side chiak’ I will admit she brought me to understand her position (not saying I agree with it, but I can see her points). This female usually isn’t looking to be a wife or priority, which is why she is okay knowing he leaves and goes to another woman.  They usually have a goal/agenda in mind and they stick to it. For some its financial, sexual or social status, whatever it may be, understand, they know what they want and are simply working for it. Now the part I had to take my hat off to, was these women are organized, strategic & persistent. There are a few things that can be learned from these women, so before we totally cast them out you may want to watch them & take a few notes.

The reason the person decides to cheat has nothing to do with you. The other woman can do her thing freely cause whatever issues that man has, doesn’t concern her. Its often thought the jump-off has low self esteem, those willing to be the other woman often has the exact opposite. She is still desired, longed after and has something the main chick or wife doesn’t and that makes her feel good.

Sometimes in a woman’s life, she doesn’t want to be tied down. She enjoys no commitment, freedom to do what & whom she wants. For the love of the game, some women like playing the game. Just as its a thrill for men women like being a pimp or player too.

Then I’ve heard, the argument “there’s a shortage of men” ok this may be true, but is that your excuse cause there’s a shortage for the type you like? That goes back to that list and things you think you absolutely must have. Then my next question is, how long will that be you’re excuse for being okay coming second? Maybe some of you birds need to be by yourself! Fact of the matter is, the other woman is no different from a man that plays different women, whats the issue? Its just not something that expected from a woman.



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  1. The “other” woman…..wants no commitment, freedom, doesn’t want to be a wife or a priority in someone’s life. This is not healthy and this person should probably get professional help immediately. Nine times out of ten there are multiple experiences and encounters with men that cause this type of mentality in woman. Now there is that one that is genuinely like this and normally this is the go getta woman. She is normally to focused and into her work to be held down by the man. This is typically your CEOs and top women in a corporation or their own business.

  2. Apimpnamedslickback July 8, 2013 — 1:30 PM

    Hey if they choose to settle with being the side chick or what I like to call the bounty quicker picker upper, then let them. Females and men need to realize that no one is perfect and stuff happens. The fact that someone cheats doesn’t mean they dont love you, most of the time, but that they just have lustful ways and desires. Besides its the hearts nature to never really be content, especially when you’re young.

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