rules of jumping; jumper edition

Its Jump Season!!!!! We all know know a relationship that involves other people. The Jumper is the person already in a relationship but looking for a lil something else on the side. Now that we have our titles straight, lets break down a few rules:

Pick a profitable candidate; you need someone who agrees to being the ‘other’ woman, with that agreement they need to have no jealously, just as a back up plan have someone who has something to lose as well if they go running to tell.

no sudden changes; if you’re beginning the idea of cheating, that’s when you need to start a change. Before you actually do, an all of a sudden gym membership, volunteer opportunity, second job (longer/extra hours), or hobby is weird. Include them in the beginning, that way they know where you’re going in legit & have seen it. However at any point they can ask to go again so you cant cancel your membership.

Keep a calm head- if your significant other begins to make changes or act in a matter that irritates you, let it roll off your back. Bringing attention to it will make you look guilty-always.

wrap it up & get tested, nothing will ruin your escapade like an STD. Get tested before, during and after your jump season.

no home visits; being in personal dwelling spaces is way too personal, and creates high chances of leaving evidence.

nothing in writing; Never leave a paper trail, sign no hotel bills, credit card recipients, texts, emails, cards, letters.

no rough rendezvous; no scratching, biting, carpet burns, candle wax,… you get it, anything that will leave any physical evidence.

control your lies, I was told every lie is built on an ounce of truth, if you’re in a situation and you need to lie, make it as close to the truth as possible without telling on yourself. 

split the gifts, if you’re in a situation where u spoil your jump-off, for everything good, please don’t buy the same gift for both of them & always pay with CASH!

Have an exit strategy; you should know the person you are cheating on. So knowing how things will go if you get caught is essential, know ahead of time if you wanna walk away clean or have a strategy to keep your main chick.

lastly, never ever ever ever admit to catching feelings, falling in love or ‘really feeling’ the jumpee. EVER!!!!

Alright you cheaters, I’ve given you an ace to play with, don’t screw this up you bruised fruit! Now these are some  of the basic rules to play by not all.



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  1. 3rdLegKickStand May 31, 2013 — 8:22 AM

    Lol, well I don’t need this. But Ms. YGYCS… Candle wax? You are a…. Something else… Hahaha jump off season that funny. Got any rules for cuffing season?

  2. Apimpnamedslickback May 31, 2013 — 10:29 AM

    Woa! Did you just give a pamphlet on how to cheat? See that’s the problem there. Guys mostly want to be able to do these things and make it bad for us real pimps out here. See as I said before, I tell all my hoes the truth. Why? Because that’s just pimpin. Tell a hoe the truth so she has no pretense of you being this guy that won’t do this or do that. Tell her like this, Yea I have a girl and a wife, but I’m trying to see what me and you doing tonight. 9/10 you won’t believe how many girls will still fux with you. That way later on down the line, you don’t have to explain why she didn’t know you had a girl; you told her from day one. You will be surprised how many thirsty females are out here that just want a little of what you got, especially if you doing something and they don’t have sht. Same goes for females, tell the guy upfront you have a dude, and watch how he still try to hound you. People it’s not that hard, people will respect the truth more and sometimes find it attractive. See me, I have no emotions when it comes to pimpin.. it’s all business. Pimps don’t cry and pimps don’t lie, and u better believe we def don’t buy! We make that hoe pay!

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