every fisherman has a net

When dealing with people, either you are the net, or you’re holding a net.The net = the comfort zone/ person.

Everyone at some point either becomes a person’s net, the comfort zone, the situation in which a repeat person comes to you as a safe bet. Know when you’re being netted! If you have a repeat offender (the same person) who always comes back to you when they’re down on their luck, feeling lonely or realizes ‘you’re the one they need’ drop it all and run away. If someone decides to leave, not only should you let them, but be strong enough to let them stay gone. Want to know if you’re in the net, just ask, if this person leaves and comes back? If the answer is yes, you’re the net.

If you’re not the net, you’re the person holding it, you my friend are weak. Plain & simple. You’re a person incapable of having your own sense of confidence, a user, unoriginal & dependent. For whatever reason you go to whomever can rebuild you, make you feel important and can get whatever you need, then you’re off to whatever seems pays you attention next.  There is nothing appealing about a person who needs to rely on others to help boost your own ego. 

The actual issue is the person holding the net, in need of a comfort zone, usually doesn’t even know they’re this needy & selfish. We all know the saying though, “fool me once”.  Listen people, its not that hard, you (should) know when you’re being used, some of you just need to think  a little harder and recognize whats going on. However, as messed up as it may seem, it creates an equal balance in the way things go.


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  1. Apimpnamedslickback July 8, 2013 — 2:17 PM

    Some people need that comfort zone though, no t saying that its right. People get used all the time, they just have to know how to use back. Now if you have a pimp mentality use that H*%, let her think she is using you but actually its the other way around.

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