Walk of shame

Ladies, ladies, ladies… lets keep it 100 right now. There may come a time, you meet a nice guy, and decide you wanna go home with him. Fine, however lets talk about the morning after. I have looked out of my window many days to see the infamous Walk of Shame and some of y’all are sure to make it a long, depressing, shameless walk, if nothing else, at least stand up straight.

You birds need to get it together before this walk. Now my advice, although you may not wanna hit & run, would be to leave before the sun comes up. If you’re a jump-off man or woman, I really think you need to be gone before roosters begin to crow. Now ideally you’re going to drive yourself. The experienced ones drive themselves and keep a “just in case” bag in the trunk- ALWAYS! That bag has all the essentials for a seamless exit if they have to leave when daylight is present. A casual outfit, full hygiene kit including hair care & money.

If for whatever reason you can’t/don’t leave before the sun comes up, 1) try to fool proof your outfit from the night before. When I see a low cut, super short skirt walking through the parking lot in the morning, Oh, I know. If you think there’s a chance, take your big purse, pack leggins, flats, something that can go in the purse unnoticeable and can be thrown in so you’re at least not leaving in your club wear at 9am. In that purse also need to be a comb, tissue & gum.

If you’re dealing with someone of importance, its essential you look put together leaving anyway, you need to save face, and if you wanna move up the totem pole to be a regular you’ve gotta be something worth looking at. Smudged make-up, crooked wigs, matted weaves, stumbling walks and a cab ride ain’t it!

Listen, ladies the walk of shame is what you make it. The choice you make is your own (hopefully with a conscious mind) but be proud of what you do, not that everything is a good idea but don’t regret anything, especially if its already done, stand by what you do/did, own it.



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  1. 3rdLegKickStand June 5, 2013 — 8:26 AM

    Lmfao!!! I would be the guy to play the “fallen war vets’ song” loud as shit when she leaves. Lmao…

  2. Apimpnamedslickback June 10, 2013 — 12:21 PM

    Lol! Walking the mile, walking the green mile! Hey hold on… gum? you mean they aren’t going to brush there teeth? Ugh, dirty ohe! Wait, no shower either? Man sound like tricks that don’t get paid to me. Even if it is a jump off or one nighter, the fact you spent the night gives you just enough leeway to use the lavatorial facilities. If you choose not to, this is no walk of shame but a walk of realism. Hell some do it so much it becomes the norm. So sad…

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