The man/woman of my dreams…

Often time when talking to couples I hear the comparison of finding the person of their dreams. What gets me about this is the person of your dreams, isn’t a depiction of your reality.  This all ties back to that list people come up with that their significant other must have which is just wants. The reason I say this, is because a significant other should again be shoulder to shoulder complimenting you. If a person comes along and fulfill a need or requirement on that list, it means you were lacking something, therefore becoming dependent on that person and whatever it is they are bringing that you “need”.

A dream, according to Webster; a state of mind marked by abstraction or release from reality. If you have the ability to dream up someone, chances are, its someone you have not encountered (but would like to), based on elements that may exist within one person (but not another) and/or are built on past examples or experiences (may not necessarily be from your life), all things that are a release from your reality! You would not have a person to dream about if everything you claim to want in a dream person, was the result of your reality, you’d have your picture perfect and nothing could make it any better, you’d literally be living the dream.

Lastly, just a little food for thought, when you do meet this “dream” person, and they are available to be yours for the taking, again your dream can become a harsh reality. Your diamond in the ruff, has been thrown out as costume jewelry for a reason. Everything that glitters ain’t gold, you can polish a turd but when you’re done, you still have a pile of shit.



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  1. A “diamond” in the ruff is just that. Significant others have to be created. There are some of us that already have the nessessary components to be one half of a significant other. Everything that glitters is not gold but a lesson well tought and well learned from two people is worth it’s weight in it.

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