Use your degree for what???

Okay parents, if you’d had a child recently graduate from college (who is not utilizing their degree) you definitely won’t like this post, but for those of us (myself included) who have degrees that seem useless after thousands of dollars, hours, blood, sweat and tears, we need some humor.

Here are some things I have  seen or been told happens with that very expensive PIECE OF PAPER:

Laminate & turn it into a placemat

Donate it back to the school

Have it infused into a clip board

Include it into a scrap book

Use it as a book cover


Use it for target practice (darts or a gun range)

Turn into a mouse pad

Use it as a book mark

Turn it into a laptop skin

Send it as apart of the last payment package to the student loan company (only if you’re not using it)

Sell the gold seal its been stamped with for liquor money (if your school was official and used the 24 karat gold stamp, some of you got cheated)

Put it in a box with the other documents you may never again need

Scan a digital copy then shred the original and use it as confetti

Put it in place of labeled “important documents” that way if you’re ever robbed they think they got something good, but your actual important info is somewhere else robbers didn’t look.

Don’t put it in that box of your stuff your parents keep because they are too nice or loving to throw out your stuff, they have enough of your crap in that damn china cabinet with your baby shoes, the precious moment dolls & china…

Have it turned into a work of art, ie, origami or painting.

“Wear your intelligence like a pocket watch.” When you need it, take it out and use it, but when your done, put it back away. Okay people, any more ideas? I’d love to know what you guys can come up with. Sorry parents, but some of us end up with diplomas that will never see the outside of the mailing envelope it was sent in.


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