Re-blog from a great author a mutual friend has put me up on, I don’t have many favorite writers, but this is definitely one


Absentee Man

They say a picture is worth a thousand words!

Apparently, the individual that came up with this quote haven’t witnessed a picture such as this one. This picture definitely warrants beyond the thousand words limit.

This picture deserves as many words the natural mind can muster.

This picture is an exact semblance of what is wrong with society, especially the society of African-American households. I’m usually not one to generalize one specific race, but hey when the shoe fits I was told to lace it up and wear it. I read in an article online that 72% of African-American children are growing up in a household without a father, which begs me ask where are all of the men?

Furthermore, I want to know do men that impregnate women only to leave them to raise kids on their own understand the cycle of nonsense being created?

Is it understood that…

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