“stop acting black”

So after this whole Miley Cyrus bebockle shortly after I read something on how Sharon Osborne, made a comment about Justin Bieber and his antics stating “You don’t know what bad is. And I think that he’s lost, I really do. I think he doesn’t realize he’s White and not Black, that’s a huge problem.” WTF does his race have  to do with his actions? So what I took from this is that black kids are bad, and because he’s trying to ‘be black’ he’s becoming bad. Now that shit Miley did, was an act, but it wasn’t acting black, now some black girls do indeed twerk, but 1) not all, and 2) it looks waaaayyyy better than that mess, that was more of Girls Gone Wild. If Miley or Justin had no black staff or friends and were acting this way, then what would the excuse be? So according to Sharon these bad actions are expected and accepted by black kids and are only disapproving because these kids are “white & not black”

When your child grows up and begins acting an ass, yes their surroundings may have an influence, but no one MADE them act that way, if you did your job right, they know right from wrong and knows how to be an individual and not easily influenced.

Cause for sure white people take credit when black kids grow up to be successful upstanding members of society, someone is sure to have taken them as a mentor, because when a person of color (anything other than white) excels in education, speaks correct english, well mannered they are automatically seen as “acting white” because when going back to slavery these were attributes blacks were not allowed to possess. Take the president for example, the second he does something people don’t agree with, he’s simply “Barak” or “Obama” the Black president, when things are good he becomes recognized as Mr. President, or President Obama…

There is no such thing as acting Black, White, Asian, Latin, British, Jamaican… now there are characteristics that people often imitate, which is said to be the greatest form of flattery, but those are actions that are imitated from a person (or group) not the race simply because not all people of that race “performs” those actions.


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