Boys will be boys…

used to express the view that mischievous or childish behavior is typical of boys or young men and should not cause surprise when it occurs.

Boys have always been more active (hyper) than girls, I’m all for letting a kid be a kid, however, there are some actions and times even as a kid, a young boy needs to have boundaries set up so he doesnt grow up a screw up, and thinking its okay, that it’ll be accepted because he’s just “being a boy”.  Even as I get older I notice that there is a certain wall boys are still hiding behind, as “doing them, living life or being a guy” that has been deemed acceptable because they’re just a guy. Listen being male doesn’t give you any excuse for reckless, disrespectful or less than abilities. 

We’ve all heard them:  “You know! Boys will be boys!” I accept any bad behavior because its a stigma thats been placed upon him as the “norm” so whatever irrational thing he does is okay all because he’s male.

“He’s just going through a phase!” But instead of correcting it and letting him know its unacceptable I’m  going to support it.

“He’s such a boy! He LOVES destroying things!” In other words, I’m okay raising a little terror.

“He. Just. Can’t. Help himself!” Any why should he when you’ve allowed and accepted his behavior? 

Listen here you bruised fruit, step up, or go away. No one real female is going to put up with your mess, believe me, because in the end, you’re being treated like the minority and what you’re getting in return isn’t a pass or favor, its someone believing you’re not worth effort. Honestly, its not totally your fault, cause growing up as a boy someone should have corrected your bad behavior so you wouldn’t grow up just a old boy- cause men don’t act that way.

This is a bull sh*t  excuse, (excuses are tools of the incompetent, they build monuments of nothingness, and bridges leading to nowhere those who specialize in excuses are seldom successful in anything. -Unknown) hiding behind your gender, or blaming your gender on your actions is weak!!

So,what this says to women lately is not only should they accept their negative behavior, they should sigh & smile knowingly & appreciate that their misbehavior is actually part of the boy’s “charming male” personality. Yea this girl exist and you deserve her, because she’s as dumb as you are if she accepts any male, claiming to be a man, that isn’t living up to actions, standards & expectations that have been set and displayed (so don’t tell me it doesn’t exist.)

Now girls, with this “girls just wanna have fun” … LISTEN… -_- I’ll address y’all tomorrow.


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