girls just wanna have fun

Oooooooh you birds, “Girls just wanna have fun, I was young and dumb”

You birds are using this “fun” as a way to cover up being skanky, trashy reckless h*es, “turning up” (which is never cute). I’m not sure who came up with this saying to mask behaviors but this is one you can not escape, call it what you wish, but the actions you display while being “young & dumb” DO follow you into adult hood. Now they can shape you for the better as something you learn from, or just follow you as the neighborhood hoe. How you respond is up to you.

There are a few complaints though; #1 Stop “playing dumb” . There’s nothing cute or charming about your open ignorance, guys do NOT like a dumb chick and they really don’t like one that’s faking stupid-who told you birds that was cute???

2. Wear a bra – you are not a sexy hippie, you are at work. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Triple I or just an idea- put. it. on!!!! (Unless you’re within the secure walls of your own home, then its fair game to let them out)

Stop getting stupid tattoos in cursive writing on your rib cages, wrists, and necks that say things like “live” or “breathe” or “love” or “pestilence” in another language, butterflies, roses and stars that have no meaning. Your body is not the inside cover of your 8th grade notebook—treat it accordingly.

Moral of the story, guys will buy what you advertise. If you shakin, dressing and acting like a hoe, guess what the guys wanna purchase? Stop hiding your bad actions behind “fun”.

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  1. How do we present this wisdom to more girls / young women?

    Jezebel readers are unlikely to find this advice on their own…

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