Where’d the lady go?

Women Who Think Like Men, Attract Men Who Act Like Women. – @GDSIX

So here’s the deal, lately I have been swarmed by a large amount of men all complaining how they hate that women think and act like men now. (My my how the tables have turned) What I’ve noticed though, with women acting like men, men are whining like little bee-otches!! Ok, sorry for calling you a demeaning name (not really) but man women started acting like men, and you men had a rise in estrogen levels (yes men, biologically your body does produce estrogen) What’s the deal?  What happened? Men were praised by their friends for having sex with multiple partners, and women were scorned for it, until they changed the game. 

Women started turning off feelings, willing to have casual sex with men and after a thank you send them on their way, women started thinking of themselves only, but somewhere along this journey, men- you let this happen!! You wanted women to accept how you were, be seen not heard, and accept their roles in life, thus allowing you to walk away, women got tired of twirling their thumbs being second class, so they realized they were fully capable of “acting like a man”.  Now those sap suckas that left women to raise kids on their own and be providers for the household not only allowed women to act like men but really pushed those women ahead a few spaces, I mean how else were they to survive?

First of all men, yall are placing a little too much value into the picture perfect image of a woman- told you those pictures are only in your head. Women before anything are humans first, so they can lie, cheat & steal too so long as they are capable and willed to do so.  Second, gentlemen, a lot of you whined and complained how women were too needy, nagging, you could sleep around and whatever else because you were “being a man”, now what? Women stopped nagging, not asking you for money, wasting up all of your time anymore and are okay with you leaving after sex- wasn’t that what you (I know not all of you) asked for? Make up your minds cause now its you doing all the whining, nagging and crying because you’re tossed aside and its irritating!

All I’ve been hearing lately is how women aren’t ladies anymore, well the quality of men isn’t too promising either.


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  1. That’s because yall messing with these suckas!!!!! Ladies and Guys alike. And its not acting or thinking like a man at all. Like you said those are human like things.
    But hey once more if you are saying the roles are switching and you are now calling guys bitches (not all I know). Would that mean females were bitches too? (Not all) lmao

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