The jump season is OVER

Okay sugas, its fall, which means all straggling side pieces must return to their rightful owners and the cuffs have come out. Cuffing season, better known as the (temporary) Girlfriend Draft Pick.

Be prepared for this to last 5-7 months, usually November to March is what’s to be expected,  if you make it past the following summer you’re good, pack for a picnic but prepare for the rain.

Now I’m all for you “main players” being happy you have your spot and wanting to tell “the other chicks” to go back to their corner, however you birds need to remain humble about it. Relationships are a sport and a prospect can easily bench you, some of you are only the Winter Wife…

ALWAYS upgrade the cuff! The one person you decide to cuff should be better than the rest in some way!

Expect your ex to pop up. Sugas, lets me more creative than the random “hey” or “you don’t talk to me anymore” messages. Everyone is on to that, you’re not fooling anybody.

So with that, be on the look out for that “What’s up stranger” message lol or my favorite “you know I’ve liked you since… (enter a long period of time here).

All signs its getting cold and people want a warm place to snuggle up to, stay away from the Drake albums or you’ll be the one begging for your ex to come back.


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  1. Lmbo!!!! I can’t with you and your advice for cuff season.

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