WTF is ‘pre-engaged’?

This is something new I’ve recently heard of, being ‘pre-engaged’, my initial response was, “isn’t that dating?” Usually you date, get engaged to be married then get married. This had to be some shit one of you desperate birds made up. Apparently a whole lot of women informed me I was wrong and this was a thing. (To be honest, I still don’t get it)

So from my understanding this is that ultimatum period, where a female is wondering where this is going, are we going to get married. This is the make or break stage where it gets decided to continue or move on. This typically is where if you’re serious someone moves in. “to commit each other but not ready to be married or really engaged” So you’re in a relationship?! If you’re not married, technically yes, you’re single but dating. To say you’re not ready to be married is the opposite if engagement btw.

Here is where you birds get to messing up; you move to fast! Wearing a promise to be engaged ring on your left hand,( I know no man made this up)  making extreme plans, wedding talk, and this is where you lose. If things are going well- let them continue in that direction. Women see marriage as a beginning and something new, men may see it as an end. I’ll never understand what you think is so new, its the same person you’ve been dealing with, whats so new? You either take the next step or don’t, there’s no half step.

Will we get married, and will you marry me are two different things. In my opinion this whole pre-engagement movement is just another way to secure a title, some of you weren’t happy just being a girlfriend, but hadn’t earned wife so you put something in between, a way to remind people who you existed in a man’s life.  Pre-engaged is like I think I might like you enough to maybe one day consider committing to marry you some day in the distant future. It is a step towards engagement but doesn’t need a ring, although I’ll give you one if it makes you shut up (nothing too expensive though).

Okay Sugas, I’ve gotta know you’re take on this, what do you think?



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  1. esther slater-Britbrat Aunt October 9, 2013 — 3:01 PM

    Wow so well stated. But what really got me was your facts were so true. We as Women have to step up our game to get the real thing we want. I enjoyed your message.

    • Thank you so much! I agree, too many women are willing to just accept a title JUST to say they have someone. Women need to step up so they are getting the things they need and require, because you’ll get what you want then realize what glitters doesn’t make it gold.

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