Call me daddy…

Okay you bruised fruit, I’m not sure where his came from or why it makes you feel significant. A lot of you have actual kids you share a DNA stand with who don’t call you daddy. Maybe that’s where it comes from, someone you share blood with calling you by your first name, you’re just “Tyrone, Leon, Jacob” so you need someone to give you a title of authority.

If you, as a man, decide you need a title for an ego booster, to help you feel important, I’m gonna put you in the flightless bird section because, a man, already knows who he is and has confidence.

Now for whatever reason, thats some type of weird sexual fantasy you have, daddy seems to be the ultimate compliment for you. 2 things: 1) how fcking weird to think that you’re seen as a daddy in a sexual way- creep! 2) really easy for ya fellas, 2 words; women lie. 

“Daddy” is an authoritative an care taking position, the role of father is head of house, the boss, the head of our household,my protector,the provider by every means of the word. Remember those kids calling you “John” or just “Senior” and not dad, those people dependent on you? Clearly means you haven’t quite earned the title. If the only time you hear daddy is in the bedroom, basically means that’s all you’re good for.

Now when you meet a female, that readily, willing and voluntarily wants to start calling you daddy, shes looking for just that, to be taken care of. That bird is gonna have you paying rent & bills, clothes, shoes, paying tuition, cooking dinner, you may as well write her off on those taxes because you’re officially her daddy– congrats stupid.


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