I deserve

“Get yours or get left”.

Seems to be pretty straight forward, now days you work, grind, hustle so whatever to get “yours” and that’s the way it should be; he who doesn’t work- doesn’t eat. But then there are these bottom feeders who feel you owe them something. Now some of you may be calling in favors, using their hook-ups or promising to take care of someone else, in which case it only makes sense that when the time comes you have to pay back what you’ve borrowed/promised.

Entitlement: The fact of having a right to something

Rights: a moral or legal entitlement to have or obtain something or to act in a certain way

You can not gain success by association, a deserving attitude is great for a person working towards whatever it is they have their eye on. Realistically when you get to the point, you deserve something, you need to get up and do it. The sense of entitlement looks a lot like being spoiled. Simply put, someone throwing a tantrum when they can’t get their way. Its always about them, how they benefit in the end. Self worth, its great to feel important, its another to think you’re owed anything just because you think you’re important.

I’m not saying any person is not important, or more important than the next. However, feeling that way about yourself, and expecting something just based off that decision will get your feelings hurt. The truth is you’ve gotta give a little to get a little, that life, love and business. Its all about proof, giving, whatever it may be is a sacrifice, it shows how serious you are, how bad you want something, and how well you play with others. Now I can tell these people stop being so selfish, but most aren’t even aware they are this way, actually to them everyone else is the problem.

The best thing you can do for these people, just don’t deal with them, don’t give in to the attitude and tantrum, don’t depend on them for anything and make sure you aren’t in return doing the same.


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