Man up…

Everybody seems to be willing to tell young boys to man up, they’ve got to be men. A lot of these boys can’t even be boys cause everyone is in such a rush to make them grow up and be men. Now I know its not always planned for a relationship to work, but ladies just because some dude left you, is not fair to now make your 8 year old son the “man of the house”.

Men already get no sympathy. Feelings hurt? Suck it up. In a dispute? Never back down. Don’t ever cry or you’re a bitch, support the family, never show fear, pick yourself up, by any means necessary,never complain provide for the household, you shouldn’t have to ask for help- that’s a sign of weakness. Manning up is about being the head, “bros before hoes”,strong physically & mentally, you don’t get time to be sick, or have a bad day- man up and figure it out. You get no emotions allowed other than anger because anything else is seen as feminine.

So many parents in their own upbringing, have been wounded they aren’t even sure what functional or “good parenting” is and why haven’t they taken the time to find out what they can change within themselves so they don’t repeat the same mistakes that were done to them. Why do they feel money will take care of everything? If we are so busy working, traveling, to “give him everything we never had”, this is the message we’re sending to our boys: “The only thing I can give to you is material possessions and you must always be the provider and you must never show when you are weak and falling apart.” Its more important to make a living than a life…

And women, I know you birds have that new song by K. Michelle, however know you sound every bit of stupid. Now granted there are some things, as a woman, you can’t teach, can’t show what you don’t know. However, you can show your son how to be a gentlemen and instill in him the things that you would want to marry. There are some things women accept & allow but since they won’t take responsibility for letting it happen blame it on “he’s just being a man”, nope you’re just stupid and being taken advantage of.

The old ways of raising boys isn’t working. And the advancement of technology does not encourage verbal communication. Many single men are now raising children, many gay men and women are raising children. With all that we’ve gone through as a culture, and with all of the changes we’ve made, don’t you think it’s time to devote more time to our boys and show them not only how to be a man, but how to be a well rounded and its okay to have emotion. Man up- something that doesn’t allow males to just be, they must prove it.


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