where did dating go?

You Forgot Your Common Sense

Things in the dating world have taken a sharp turn down a dark sketchy alley. No one actually dates anymore. Standards got lower, legs got easier to open, & roles got reversed.

“We just chillin” – Chillin = the cheap shit! Something that involves no effort, money or public appearance. Chillin would have other been known as the courting stage. Where you show interest and begin the process of having a person around for their company.

“we just kickin it”= I’m getting to know this person. In this stage, you actually can be seen in public! (you lucky thang you)  This is when you get past the infatuation and actually put in effort to get to know the person you are spending time with. This is the limbo stage, it could go wither way very quickly, there is a thin line between the friend zone and becoming a boo. 

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