Selfies with homeless people

What part of life is this??? Just when I thought the human race could be no more stupid a group of idiots ban together and prove me wrong!  First it was “Selfies at funerals” which, I’m wondering how many people got the pissed slapped out of them for and now “Selfies with the homeless”. Now although not all homeless people are on drugs, I hope some of these fools meet the strongest crackhead that beats them out of their skin and sells it as toilet paper.

Some of the idiots floating around the world will do anything for attention or a “like” but when its all said & done 500 likes = $0, the person with 0 likes and person with 500 in the same end up in the same depth of dirt when their lives end.

This is such a low point, to result to taking pictures like this actually are giving the homeless more exposure and showing their innocence and the picture taker- well you look like a rude, self absorbed, pompous, insecure ass. The rest of your pictures got no attention so you needed something extreme? Now I get we weren’t all taught manners and your parents didn’t give two fcks about you to instill morals in you, so its not completely your fault, I blame your parents for not raising you better, for teaching you to do anything to be noticed & popular,

Some of these kids even have their names blurred out… You’ll blur out your name, but not your FACE?…. really stupid? Some people have asked not to criticize them,”because they are kids, and bullying has lead to suicide” What about the people they are virtually bullying?These “kids” are clearly old enough to know what they’re doing and a clear enough mind to mock the homeless, so if your little ass can dish it, you for damn sure will learn to take it.



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  1. Never underestimate the ability of a large group of stupid people. 🙂

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