Fighting (her) for your man

As Valentines day quickly approaches side chicks, main chicks, number 1’s, jumpoffs, all fight to not only earn that special spot ON Valentines day but oddly enough these birds are fighting… each-other!

Here’s what I KNOW: A man may be telling you (or his number 1) that some girl is just crazy and wanting what you’ve got. Believe me she doesn’t just think that’s her man because she is crazy or wants him, she thinks that’s her man because he is acting as her man, and treating her as his woman.

To many women, a man can represent a roof over their head, food on the table, clothes on their back and most importantly – a pride in their bearing. I don’t know of many people who wouldn’t fight to protect an “investment” that guarantees them most of life’s basic necessities.

Now its one thing to want to fight, show & prove for whatever you’re comfortable with to keep it from leaving, but don’t go fighting the person its going to (unless you know her- that’s another post) Why fight another female for a man that clearly wanted to be gone?

What book of the hoodrat manual is this on??? Fight the other woman?



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  1. As a guy, I’ll agree, we’ll tell you whatever you need to hear to get some from you. We always let our little buddy make all of our important decisions for us. 🙂

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