Why men hate Valentine’s Day

First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day to all the REAL ladies in a man’s life, if you are celebrating with your guy today you have made not only the team, but MVP.

The short answer to why men dislike it is “Nothing in it for me, and a high risk I will get it wrong and pay for that.

Now understand, men show their love a lot differently, if he comes home at night, gets up with you while you get ready for work (and he doesn’t have to be up), does the “dirty” work (takes out trash, cuts the lawn (not romantic, but its a helping sign), buys you… anything, outside of necessities, do you really think otherwise he would just be spending money and giving himself a headache trying to figure out what to buy? Then he loves you.

The problem is women really think its about them instead of celebrating the relationship, and its forced. If you were willing to spend the same amount you were asking to be spent on you both sides of this “love” could be happy. Men plan to spend about $175.61 on gifts, while women are planning nearly half, spending only $88.78 this year. *Ain’t that bout some ish*

Ladies, I don’t know who came up with the notion if a man doesn’t do something for you this day, he doesn’t care, but this needs to stop! This selfish, attention seeking way will make a man show you he doesn’t care for real, grow up and stop needing him for your validation. Proving your love with overpriced steak and flowers isn’t love. It’s fiscally irresponsible, if we’re just throwing away cash, you’re better off just handing the woman the money.

  You can say “its the thought” all you want and I’ll call you & your mother a lie. Its competition, because if your man doesn’t get something there will be hell to pay. They have to out-do Tiffany in HR because you know damn well Tiffany is going to get two dozen roses with a Teddy bear as big as her ass, and you birds will not be out done or embarrassed by not getting anything. This is another way he is showing you he loves you, not because he wants to feel forced into buying you crap, but just so 1) you don’t get embarrassed and 2) so you’ll shut up. 

 And the guys have a proposal: They’ll acknowledge Valentine’s Day enough that you’re not embarrassed at work, you let us off the hook with your expectations the rest of that particular day, and they’ll take more opportunities throughout the year to show you that we love and appreciate you… completely unprompted and throw in there a “pizza & porn night” (Words from 3 guys, not me)



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  1. I’m a girl. And I love this post.

  2. WOW! A real woman…I thought they were nearly extinct.

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