That’ll get your feelings hurt

Okay Sugas, we’ve already talked about what the traps were. Now we need to address some expectation when you fall for the mess.

When you like EVERY SINGLE bathroom sink butt shot, when you accept twerking as a legit talent, when it was the money & cars that got a girls attention what exactly did you think this was going to lead to? Trips to the museum? bowling? Someone you could just hang with? Hell NO! These people needed attention, after all it, the show they put on got you- so, the show must go on.

These hoes have to be kept and you knew you were getting part woman/part accessory when you met her. That weave, nails, clothes, makeup didn’t fund themselves and you fell for a possible 4/10 who simply was just very skilled at camera angles. Ladies, when you chase the guy with the car and money- did anyone stop to consider what he does for that money? When all you are is an arm piece when he needs you, don’t get mad because he’s always gone or doesn’t listen to your opinion, all you wanted was the money remember? STFU and stand there.

Here’s the message you send then you bite the bait:  “That’s what I want”, whatever picture you like, butt shot, money shot, a guy posing next to a random car on the street, breast hanging out, abs whatever. So when you chase these attributes its received as “this is all I have to be”, because this is what you initially showed all interest in. No the chick with the 60 inch twerking ass ain’t raising no kids, cooking breakfast, or balancing a checkbook, if a guy decides to smash & pass you can’t be too surprised- you had no other talents! A guy with all the money, HD 6 pack abs ain’t trying to sit around having Netflix night with you- he has a gym to live in, why would that nice car sit in your driveway when he can be out driving it to impress more people?

Now people who set thirst traps may have self esteem/ attention issues but you’re not helping if you chase it. You have a common sense issue, you have to think about what you’re really getting when you chase this crap.


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  1. As Buckcherry says, “I got bitches and money!” Great post and so true. It’s too bad we never figure out that the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence.

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