Now whose fault is that?

“You made me cheat” whaaat theee hell???
Listen, those of you who get cheated on, you can fall for this reverse psychology guilt trip if you want, of having a person say it was your fault or something you did to drive them away. Here’s the thing, if they felt distanced, or you drove them out- they key element is they were drove out- GONE, not lingering around with a lil something on the side!
Doesn’t matter if you’re controlling, always gone, pay them no attention, whatever. What it comes down to is despite whatever you’ve done (unless its violence- that’s another topic)  a person will CHOSE to stay with you. If they didn’t like you always being gone, being controlling, lacking affection why didn’t they just leave?  And if for whatever reason they cheat, that too was their CHOICE.
Now if someone decides to cheat on you, I believe whole heartedly that at that point they wanted to be with the other person, instead of you. Meaning: they did not/ does not want to be with you. In my book- thats the end. The reason why someone cheats doesn’t really matter, all that matters is THEY MADE A DECISION TO DO SO. In come cases you don’t have to do anything wrong, they just wanted something/ someone else.
Some of you are feeding, housing, putting them through school, buying cars and wonder why they won’t just leave you- well when you don’t have to be independent I’d stay around too.
Who is really at fault when someone cheats? The person that steps out, or the person that “made them do it”?

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