Dear people WITH kids

Okay, I have read/been sent plenty of sh*t people with kids feel that people without need to understand and I feel the need to rebuttal for those of us withOUT kids we wanna say to those with…

Yes, you “have kids now” so you can’t go out, thats why we stopped asking you to go.

We understand that kids cry, get upset, uncomfortable- HOWWWWEVER, we assume by the time you feel comfortable enough to go out with your kid you’ve got it handed- you know your kid. Therefore, when that kid is screaming more than 5 minutes— yes you get the look.

If your kid breaks, defaces value, or kills anything in my house- yes you should pay to replace (or bury) it.

“You think you’re tired, stressed, broke! Try having kids!”  –YOU made that decision, brought it on yourself so stfu.

Calling your spouse “mommy” or “daddy” is creepy, knock it off.

“You won’t be truly happy until you have kids”  you do know you’re at my house telling me how you no longer have a life, never sleep, crying over the cost of a kid, another is sick and your husband leave to go to the bar with his friends right? Nothing about this makes me think happy thoughts. Maybe we have different definitions of the word.

“Who will take care of you when you’re old”- I’ll be across from you in the same nursing home those kids put you in.

Now I’m not claiming to understand or be an expert, we understand you get no manual, so you’re winging it, and no one is telling you how to raise your kid (after all, you just admitted you’re “doing the best you can considering kids don’t come with instruction”) but we’d like to thank you for being such great examples and going first to remind us why we don’t have & don’t want kids.


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