“She STOLE my man”

We’ve all heard that one bitter bird who just can’t believe any man would leave her… Listen, No one can steal what walks away! If someone can “break up your “happy home”” chances are that crap ALREADY had a leaky roof, warped floors, and WEAK walls to begin with. What stands strong can’t be moved. Point. Blank. Period. 

So as mad as you are, ain’t nobody steal anything- he left. Now for whatever reason, either you know or you don’t. It could have been something you did/didn’t do or he could have just not liked you anymore.

Now unless the new girl, side chick whatever is your friend, family or someone you just overall feel close with, her relationship with you (ex) man is NONE of your business, and believe it or not she is not your problem. THIS is where the flightless get it wrong. You are on the phone, internet thugging, and standing in the street fighting this woman, who probably fell for the same lies. The only person that looks dumb is you, while this guy gets a front row seat of your insecurities.

Its okay to follow your heart, but take your brain with you.


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