Female feedback; Can’t I just give you the cash?

He asks: Why do women always want (men to spend money on) flowers? They’ll only die. 

… And eventually so will you, yet women want you.

Fact is guys, you should appreciate that she wants something as “pointless” as flowers, she could expect other more elaborate (expensive) stuff.

Flowers are a good way to gave your efforts and how you see your woman. If you buy the beautiful, full, vibrant bouquet she knows “you care”. If you snatch the limp sunflowers from the neighbor… well you get the point. Walking in with flowers may have just bought you extra time before she bugged (started an argument) you about something else.

Giving flowers is that “show me” factor girls want to know how you feel. Saying it means nothing.

Long story short, just make it a point to buy the flowers. And know which ones she actually likes. Not every girl has to have roses.






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  1. 3rdLegKickstand July 25, 2014 — 6:29 PM

    But guys have that “blow me factor. ” so can we possibly come to an amicable agreement?

  2. I applaud and second that statement. It’s a bit rough, but a valid point.

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