Female Feedback: not now

He asks: why do females only want “to talk” and have serious conversations while the game is on or when I’m playing xbox?

Okay, I will admit this is awful timing. Just like guys don’t always get the flower gesture or why we don’t pay attention to you while on the phone with our friends. Females don’t always understand what the game means to you. It is seen sometimes as just that, you’re watching tv or playing a game.

Now if you are having a serious conversation (or she considers it serious) or an argument piece of big advice. 1) Do not entertain ANYTHING else until that is over! Meaning she walks away in a visibly better mood.
2) TiVo! Or whatever recording feature your cable provider offers. This way she can get it all out and you don’t miss the game.
So why do it? Well depending on if you did something, it’s a revenge play. She knows it’ll bug you, but since you pissed her off she has to get even.
Sometimes our “problems” don’t come with an on/off that’s just when she wants to talk, sorry.




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