Female Feedback; just air

He asks: why do girls get all grossed out over farts & pop like you don’t do it?

Its not that we don’t do it, its just people with proper upbringing and manners are taught not to reveal bodily functions in front of other people. It is not lady like (or gentlemen like, or polite) to relieve yourself in front of others.

I can guarantee you would NOT like a girl who farts in front of you, let alone when a group of girls are together applauding and challenging the farts. Guys want a girl who can be comfortable enough to fart, but not actually fart.

And while we’re on the topic, if you are in front of a female relieving yourself,once in a while if one ‘slips’ can be understandable from wither sex, however when its obvious you just chose not to put in the effort to excuse yourself and its often, you are well aware what you are doing. Yes she’s judging you, no she (probably) doesn’t find it cute or funny, its not just gross, incredibly rude, inconsiderate, immature and disrespectful too, its just a small window into what other ill-mannered gestures you’ll do.







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