Female Feedback: you still mad?

He asks: why do females stay mad so long? We ended an issue last week and you’re still saying “nothing” and no other words, if you’re “over it” why are you obviously still mad, that’s petty. 

Well, one would think its ‘petty’ to tell someone else what to do & how long to hold on to their emotions… buuuut that’ll only be part of the reason you’re still arguing. Don’t do that. Telling a female “calm down”, “let it go”, “get over it”, “move on” are indeed word that just add more logs to the fire, so this could quite possibly be part of the issue. If shes mad, let her be mad, she will get over it when shes ready, you rushing her to let it go is like dismissing how she feels or wanting to skate past something that may seem like nothing to you.

Now to (sorta) answer why she’s still mad, because something is still bothering her. Its. Not. Over. Whatever the case may be its still in her head, she may have forgiven but definitely didn’t forget. She said she was over it mainly cause she didn’t want to hear any more of “your side” , needed time to continue filtering through everything you’ve said, stuff she’s acquired doing her own investigation, and forming an entire case against you.  Give it a few more weeks, maybe a few months you will do/say something that will trigger this argument, and its on.



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  1. 3rdLegKickstand August 6, 2014 — 8:18 AM

    Haha. Never tell a woman to calm down. She will have your ball sack for a coin purse. Lmao. (Can’t have the kickstand going on solo missions)

    But yea this is a battle every man will have to face. And every man will fucking lose. If you pressure it you will crash and fucking burn bro. So how you go out is up to you.

    P.s. (remember your story and do not deviate From it)

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