#TMM Recap; 8/19/14

I will be interrupting Female Feedback for a day because I haven’t done this in a while and figured you all could use a laugh!



 @KEMPSAIDWHAT ·#TMM FIrst thing, we had to let Darrell go. He kept writing ” BECAUSE FUCK YOU THATS WHY” on all his expense report forms.

#TMM The fire department said that the fire was started by a hot glue gun, in the ladies bathroom. I don’t even wanna know.

#TMM That’s not regular coffee, I don’t know who put the crown royal in it, but today will be a good day.

#TMM We found little haitian kid in the supply closet. We just gave him a work badge and told him $3 an hour is pretty standard.

@negrouaintfunny  #TMM handicap spots are not for ladies w/new hairstyles that don’t want to get their hair wet when it’s raining. @KEMPSAIDWHAT

@SuperVan66 #TMM Asking for a friend…who has that welfare block of cheese? @KEMPSAIDWHAT

#TMM You may have noticed that some of the lobby furniture was missing, No isn’t wasn’t stolen. Rent a Center just happened to find us.

@XclusivelyShar Pittbulls & paroles will be heading security now- their motto “try that shit if you want” #TMM

@KEMPSAIDWHAT  #TMM I’ve had them tweaked, so that the smoke detectors detect ALL kinds of smoke now.

@BTXpress11 #TMM Quintrese, PLEASE stop playin ‘I’ll B in the Bathroom Boo Booing” by Devin the Dude ” e’ry time you take a break! Danm…@KEMPSAIDWHAT

#TMM Agnes is selling scented candles at her cubicle. She has Pussy, Old Spice, Mcdonald’s fries, Kush & Old Meat scented candles.

#TMM our new Dental Plan is sponsored by Michael Strahan. Buyer Beware!

 #TMM starting Friday, @KEMPSAIDWHAT has approved the opening of a Check Cashing spot in the basement. ALL payouts will be on EBT Cards.

@BTXpress11   #TMM this year’s LaborDay Picnic will include 5-Star, Chuckii Booker & your host Michael from Good Times. @KEMPSAIDWHAT
Hope you guys got a chuckle of what goes on during the Tuesday Morning Meetings, now if only my “real job” didn’t have a meeting at that time too…

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