Female Feedback;but I have money now

He asks: When I was broke this girl really liked me, but I needed to focus and get where I needed to be, now that I’m making money she isn’t interested, thought girls wanted a guy with money?

Well, it sounds like a few things happened here. What you don’t say is what you actually do for money… that could be a problem.

Then, there’s an old saying “he who holds the gold makes the rules” maybe your rules suck. There are different types of rule makers and you could be a dick who feels you can control everything so long as you’re funding her.

There is a chance with your “new money” you became a new person, one she has no interest in.

It was never about the money, maybe (just maybe) she actually liked YOU.  When you went off to chase the money, that was where you put too much of your focused and you replaced her. Not being around, ignoring, or focusing on something else only teaches a person to live without you.

Girls like to be taken care of, provided for & protected, but not bought. But believe there will be plenty of women who will flock about now that you have money.


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