Does that make you a gold digger?

You Forgot Your Common Sense

We all know in today’s society money is a huge factor in most relationships, it creates as well as tears them apart. Besides wanting nice things materialistically a lot of people stay in bad relationships because they have a ‘sponsor’ to allow the lifestyle that keeps them comfortable.  A friend has a contender that she simply is not attracted too, is a bit judgmental, and can be controlling but for now she stays with him, although she knows she will never be happy. Her reasoning, he makes close to $500,000 yearly,and she’s in law school. Anyone that has ever gone through or considering school knows just how expensive it can be and the cost of that degree will have the morals and standards of many blurred.

Years ago it was sensible and fitting for a woman to find a provider but not with all these ‘independent women’ the idea of finding a mate…

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